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Preschool Program

Fall is near!

Hello All!  We have had a great Summer.  Our garden project was a huge success, and we have enrolled new kids into our Starfish family.  We are officially full. 

The garden has been a fun and educational long term project.   We have harvested our giant sunflowers and roasted the seeds.  Our pumpkin patch has produces around 16 pumpkins.  More than enough for everyone.  The beans are almost ready, and the grapes are being sampled by the kids.

Our fall preschool program will begin anew next week.

Summer Time!

With the ending of the school year and the beginning of Summer  we have been enrolling new children and adding new playground equipment!  Four new children have joined the Starfish tribe with more to follow.  One of our Starfish family's, the Stangelands, have donated their very large outdoor play structure that their children no longer use.  We have pressure washed and stained it and are ready to install it in our outdoor play area.  It will be a very fun addition with a climbing wall and another slide and tower.

May Garden and Preschool Projects!

May 15th 2013  ~ What's Happening at Little Starfish?

We are busy!  Our garden is planted with pumpkins, giant sunflowers, scarlet runner beans, snap peas, and much more.  Each child has his or her own little patch to watch grow and harvest in the Fall.  What a wonderful way to learn about our food and where it comes from.  The children are very excited about their gardens.

In our preschool program, many of the four year olds are learning how to read simple words and get clues about the project of the day.

Starfish Newsletter ~ March 2013

Hello everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the first hints of Spring!

What's New at Starfish?  We are preparing for our garden project.  This year each child will have their very own garden patch and make their own choices about which seeds to plant.  All of us will be planting flowers, veggies, and berries!

We have begun with a large raised bed based on Hugelkultur, a Permaculture technique from Germany.  See our Little Starfish Facebook page for a video clip explaining the process.

Preschool Program

January 27, 2013

New Preschool Program is now available!
Mon through Friday 9AM to 1PM
Children ages 3-5 years, $125 week.
The curriculum includes Kindergarten readiness preparation:
Alphabet recognition, phonetics, number recognition, colors, shapes as well as music, finger plays, art, dramatic play and large and small  muscle activities.  Everything your child needs to know for Kindergarten is provided in this five day a week program!
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